2023 Season

Before completing your registration please ensure you have:
1. Decided you are definitely playing in the 2023 season
2. Read and understood the information on our Fees and Payments page - https://labradorhockey.org.au/fee-and-payment-options/ including HQ fees where applicable
3. Ensure you have read and understood our relevant Policies and Codes of Conduct by going to https://labradorhockey.org.au/club-policies/
4. If you have any questions regarding the registrations process please email Christy New registrar@labradorhockey.org.au or 0431 863 252 BEFORE you complete the registration.
5. For information relating to training, trials etc. please contact the relevant coordinator:
  Junior Stix (Cubs, Rookies, 10's)
  Clare McKenna juniorstix@labradorhockey.org.au

  GCHA Graded Stix (U12 Girls & Boys)
  Gayle Morris u12scoordinator@labradorhockey.org.au

  GCHA Graded Stix (U14 Girls & Boys )
  Pippa Morris u14coordinator@labradorhockey.org.au

  GCHA Graded Stix (Open Juniors Girls & Boys )
  Nicole Stone openscoordinator@labradorhockey.org.au
  GCHA Senior Stix Women
  Karina Curtis womenscoordinator@labradorhockey.org.au

  GCHA Senior Stix Men
  Damien Price menscoordinator@labradorhockey.org.au

  Brisbane Hockey League Stix - MEN
  Bruce Curtis vicepres@labradorhockey.org.au


    • Junior Stix
    • 90 Junior Stix - Under 6 as at 1st January 2023 (Cubs)
    • 130 Junior Stix - 6 and Over as at 1st January 2023 (Rookies 10's)
    • 125 Junior Stix (Second & Subsequent Child) - 6 and Over as at 1st January 2023 (Rookies 10's)
    • GCHA Graded Stix - Gold Coast Competition
    • 295 GCHA Graded Stix Under 12 as at 1st January 2023
    • 330 GCHA Graded Stix Under 14 OR Open Juniors Only
    • 550 GCHA Graded Stix Playing Senior (Playing Under 14 OR Open Juniors AND 1 Senior Team)
    • GCHA Senior Stix Men & Women - Gold Coast Competition
    • 560 GCHA Senior Stix
    • 430 GCHA Senior Stix Casual (Up to 10 Round Games Plus Semis and Finals)
    • 380 GCHA Senior Stix Casual (Up to 10 Games in Total)
    • BHL Stix Men - Brisbane Competition
    • 630 BHL Junior Stix Under 18
    • 810 BHL Senior Stix
    • 530 BHL Stix - TRAINING ONLY (Already Registered with HQ/HA)
    • Other
    • 5 Social Membership
    • 0 Coach
    • 0 Manager
    • 0 Volunteer

We offer the following payment options:
Credit / Debit CardPayment Plan, Bank Transfer

Terms and conditions

  • Terms and conditions
    1. Fees CAN BE EITHER PAID IN FULL OR an ONLINE PAYMENT PLAN entered into at the time of registration. Players needing to discuss alternate payment plans need to contact Christy New registrar@labradorhockey.org.au prior to completing registration
    2. A 20% initial payment MUST be paid when setting up a payment plan.
    3. Payment plans must be finalised by 26 May 2023 otherwise participation in fixtures beyond this date will not be permitted.
    4. Team managers and coaches reserve the right to refuse players to participate in games until all outstanding fees are settled.
    5. Players choosing to play in more than one team will be required to pay additional GCHA fees, match fees and training fees.
    6. By registering with Labrador you have agreed to abide by all codes of conduct and policies - https://labradorhockey.org.au/club-policies/